Celebrating A True Woman In Ministry

As I was reading about the purpose of WIM, our Vision, Mission, and Goals I realized that this wonderful woman of God epitomized every word in her life, love, and full devotion to the ministry.

Missionary Sheonette Brown loved to fellowship and to bring others into fellowship. I am a natural introvert, but around Sister Sheonette, there was none of that... she would either drag me into a conversation or put me to work hosting of all things.

The gift of exhortation poured out of her laced in love. She encouraged, edified, and strengthened the women that she came in contact with every day of her life and it is evident by testimonies that have come forth since her passing and the tangible pain that we feel at her loss.

Sheonette lived a consistent life. She reminded us regularly of her love and devotion to her God, her Husband, and her Children. She walked in integrity and grace and was a true example for others to follow. She loved WIM and served faithfully to ensure it's success.

Now WIM's fourth goal is to train and equip women to go forth in ministry. For many she definitely filled that role. When I would ask her to pray for me she (literally) dropped what was in her hands grabbed mine and commenced to praying right on the spot!

She was always such an encouragement and a generous giver to outreach ministry. She truly cared about others and their welfare. I could depend on Sheonette to say "Now Renae what do I need to do to make sure that all those babies have food to eat... We got to get them some toys to put under the tree for Christmas. Those babies need toys."

And finally, her life, prayers, and ministry inspired so many women to return to their local churches, to step out on faith on our God given visions, and to mentor others the way that she mentored us through her love, life, and laughter.

I took this time to share my personal stories about Sheonette Brown whom I truly miss. I challenge our readers who knew her and even those who never had the pleasure to meet her; to read the five fold purpose of WIM below and examine your life.

In all transparency, if yours is like mine, there may still be some areas that are still under construction and don't line up exactly.

But be encouraged because God will perfect those things that are concering us.

Continue to pray, and walk in your calling as a Woman In Ministry. Just like Sister Sheonette there are so many women watching your walk and example.

Let's learn from her life and live by her direction which was to follow her as she followed Christ.

Our Five-Fold Purpose of WIM

  1. To provide a time of fellowship

  2. To encourage, edify and strengthen women

  3. To promote consistency in the lifestyles of women according to God’s Word.

  4. To train and equip women in ministry to go forth (impacting their homes first, communities and workplace).

  5. For Women to return to their local churches imparting truth and knowledge to others (mentoring).

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